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We offer a wide variety of catering equipment to ensure your event runs smoothly. For more information on the catering equipment available for hire from Thistle Catering check out the details below.

QuantityItemHireReplacement cost
10Table Knife£2.50£1.00
10Table Fork£2.50£1.00
10Dessert Knife£2.50£1.00
10Dessert Spoon£2.50£1.00
10Dessert Fork£2.50£1.00
10Soup Spoon£2.50£1.00
10Tea Spoon£2.50£1.00
10Serving Spoon£2.50£1.00
QuantityItemHireReplacement cost
10Soup Plate£2.60£5.20
10Side Plate£2.50£5.10
10Dinner Plate 10.5£2.50£6.00
10Plate 8.5£2.50£6.00
10Sugar Bowl£0.70£2.05
10Butter Dish£0.80£2.90
10Milk Jug£0.70£4.50
10Vintage Side Plate£1.00£5.00
10Vintage cup and saucer£1.50£7.00
QuantityItemHireReplacement cost
1Chair covers£3.00£3.50
1Table Cloths 90x90£8.50£15.00
1Table Cloths Round 110£8.50£20.00
1Organza Sashes£0.70£1.50
QuantityItemHireReplacement cost
1Glass Jug£1.30£3.00
24Pint Glasses£4.50£1.50
24Wine Glass 13.5oz£7.20£1.00
24Wine Glass 8.5oz£7.20£1.20
1Glass Boxes£0.00£15.00
24Glassware – champagne glass£8.50£1.00
1Punch Bowl£8.00£30.00
QuantityItemHireReplacement cost
1Electric Pie Cabinet£50.00£400.00
1Electric Water urn£25.00£150.00
1Electric Soup Kettle£10.00£65.00
1Stainless Steel Sink£40.00£200.00
1Small Teal Handwash no electric reqd£20.00£190.00
1Electric Handsfree Handwash£45.00£540.00
1Free Standing Handwash no electric£40.00£320.00
1Electric 3 Lamp Carvary£50.00£420.00
1Rice Cooker£40.00£100.00
14 Pot Bain Marie£45.00£300.00
1Electric Table Top Hot Plate£10.00£60.00
1Coffe Machine£30.00£150.00
1Gas Fryer (LPG)£100.00£1,500.00
1Table Top 4 Round Bain Marie (LPG)£60.00£250.00
16ft Cinders Gas BBQ (LPG)£150.00£2,000
13 Table Top Large Water Urns LPG (S.Steel)£80.00£900.00
1Cook Pot Stand£30.00£90.00
1Chafing Dishes with Lids£15.00£90.00
1Chafin Oilp.o.a
1Griddle (LPG)£60.00£400.00
1Catering Unit Fully Equipped (per day)£500.00£26,000.00
16 Ring Gas Cooker£160.00£1,600.00
1Oven Banquet Trolley (blue 3 pin plug )£200.00£6,000.00
QuantityItemHireReplacement cost
1Fridge Trailer 10ft£170.00£9,500.00
1Freezer Trailer£170.00£9,500.00
1Bar Section (Black) 4ft£80.00£500.00
1Bar Section (White) 4ft£80.00£150.00
1Optic Stand 4&6 dispensers£10.00£35.00
1Champagne Buckets£2.00£20.00
1Pump Action Flasks£3.00£15.00
1Igloo Insulated Box 3ft£10.00£90.00
1Buffet Flats£1.00£5.00
1Ice Bucket£2.00£10.00
1Electric Till£40.00£150.00
1Clearing Trolley (3 shelf)£25.00£100.00
1Food Storage Carrier Rubbermaid£40.00£350.00
1Food Storage Carrier£40.00£300.00
1Large Pots (Various Sizes)£4.00£25.00
1Gas BBQ£75.00£500.00
1Gazebo (3ft 3m x 3m)£45.00£600.00
1BBQ Heaters Exlcl gas£20.00£150.00
1Beer Buckets on Wheels£5.00£100.00
1Beer Pump£90.00£900.00
1Chopping Board£0.50£3.00
1Cheese Board Heart shape£2.00£3.00
1Jack stack (104)£45.00£400.00
1Coat rails£20.00£200.00
1Hot plate cupboard (80 plates)£30.00£400.00
1Freezer small£35.00£100.00
1Freezer medium£45.00£200.00
1Upright fridge£60.00£400.00
1Bainmarie electric with 4 1/1 pots and hot cupboard£120.00£900.00
1Table Centre piece fish bowls£4.00£15.00
1Electric turbo oven £120.00£450.00
Tables and Chairs
QuantityItemHireReplacement cost
1Chiavari Chair£3.50£29.00
1Round Table 5ft6£8.50£70.00
1Rectangle Table 6ft£8.00£70.00

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